Introducing This Exclusive Webinar From Julia Kraft

Calm and Confident Speaker Masterclass

What you will learn in this masterclass...
Hi there! I’m Julia and I’m the the founder of the public speaking training company, Speak To Inspire. Founded in 2014, Speak To Inspire has trained 1000’s of entrepreneurs and professionals as well as 100’s of companies like Linked In, Salesforce, ZScaler, Twitter, etc. I’m personally passionate about helping smart professional women who are experts at what they do but tend to freeze up, shrink down and get self-conscious when the spotlight turns to them. I help them to cultivate comfort in their skin, come across as the authority they are and turn high-quality information into inspiring presentations.
  • How To Calm Your Nerves (without scripts or excessive rehearsing)
  • How To Prepare Your Content (without spending hours and hours)
  • How To Master Non-verbal Communication for Confidence


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